Baby Nail Scissors


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Buy baby nail scissors with stainless steel blades and safety tip.

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Overall Length4" or 10.16cm
Length of Blade1.1" or 2.8cm

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Baby Nail Scissors

For cutting nails with safety

Baby Nail Scissors are safer to use than larger adult nail clippers. Our Baby Nail Scissors are small, fairly blunt and have rounded tips so that you do not risk poking or seriously cutting your child while clipping their nails

- Light weight stainless steel scissors with plastic handles

- Stainless steel baldes with safe round tip for safe cutting

- Comfortable and handy

- Color: White

- Size: 4 inch

How to Use Baby Nail Scissors:

  • First, find a good position that allows you easy access to your baby's hands. This may mean placing your baby in your lap, sitting with him or her in a rocker, or even waiting until your baby's asleep. Make sure you are in an area with good lighting so that you can see what you're doing.
  • Hold your baby's palm and finger steady with one hand and cut with the other. You should cut your baby's nails with our specially designed baby nail scissors which have rounded tips for safety.
  • Cut your baby's nails short enough and make sure to keep the nail edges rounded instead of jagged.
  • If you accidentally draw blood (a common occurrence with fussy, fidgeting babies), don't worry. Using a sterile gauze pad, gently apply pressure to stop the bleeding. But don't put a bandage around the tiny cut — babies will inevitably put their fingers in their mouths and can dislodge the bandage and choke on it.


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    Baby Nail Scissors

    Baby Nail Scissors

    Buy baby nail scissors with stainless steel blades and safety tip.

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